Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Atlanta Inbound Marketing

The New Face of SEO

Published on by: James H. Hobson

Inbound Marketing is the new direction for SEO.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains alive and well in terms of its defined purpose. What has passed away are the dubious and sketchy practices of getting inferior content ranked well just by the virtue of investing hours and cash to build massive amounts of backlinks. Inbound Marketing is the new face of SEO in 2012. Inbound Marketing is the long overdue passing of the SEO torch from techie people to marketing professionals. This is a significant and very positive change.

An Epitaph For Old School SEO

In the past, SEO had a lot to do with techie tricks and manipulation of code, linking and data structuring. Search engine algorithms were created to sort data but not created with the sophistication to identify rank scamming techniques. This has changed and by 2013 search results will be vastly improved.

Why Inbound Marketing Is Better

While the agreed objective of SEO solving the dilemma of how to improve organic search engine rankings, the best methods to do this remain a debatable subject. Obviously the techie people will defer to technical techniques while marketing people defer to messaging, branding and informing. The current transformation of SEO best practices retains best coding practices but content is once again becoming king.

Technical Aspects of SEO Still Matter

Anyone managing a website should still pay close attention to the quality of coding, backlinks, domain registration time, server location and more. The difference now is in how these items are implemented and what constitutes best practices. Our next article will delve into more specifics on best practices for search engine friendly and algorithm attractive coding.

Inbound Marketing for SEO

Inbound Marketing combines SEO, Social Media MArketing and Content Marketing.
Inbound Marketing has emerged with great SEO power based on value to website users - not techic tricks. Inbound marketing offers what most any user can appreciate. A great blend of search engine optimization, social media marketing and content marketing offer information that helps users wanting to be informed.

Search engine algorithms respond to inbound marketing becuase everything is up front and in plain view. There is no manipulation, hidden tactics or sketchy practices. Simply put, inbound marketing provides good and informative content through popular online channels.

Social Media Marketing is now appropriate for almost every type of business. Social media signals play a measurable roles in search engine algorithms and impact organic rankings. Social media marketing also build branding and is very useful for influencing potential buyers.

Content Marketing, similar to social media marketing, provides a tremendous opportunity to inform amd persuade potential customers. The best content to publish is more informative and promotional, and structured in a manner that is easy to read and understand. For SEO purposes it serves you well to have content to which people will link, share on Twitter, repost on their blog, or otherwise share.

Search Engine Optimization practices, as we will discuss in our next article, need to be refined and modified. Bad SEO practices have been causing ranking losses need to be amended with new and better work.

Embrace and Utilize Inbound Marketing

As with any professional services, simply going through the motions will not yield optimal results. To get stellar results from inbound marketing you need to invest substantial time to learn and understand the process. When you understand, embrace and utilize inbound marketing you will achieve better ranking and online visibility results.

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