Monday, October 15, 2012

Internet Marketing in 2013

Atlanta Internet Marketing Services

Published on by: James H. Hobson

Internet Marketing in 2013 will continue to evolve as a result of search engine ranking volatility caused by Panda and Penguin. As algorithms become more intelligent the gap between good internet marketing companies and the spammy black-hat hacks continues to grow. Subsequently, business owners are taking a crash course in why they need to hire SEO experts instead of reckless freelancers. Atlanta internet marketing services are among the best in the country. Here's why:

Quality of Service Providers

Atlanta Internet Marketing Company

Atlanta is a major metropolitan area with a very diverse group of professionals. Unlike many large cities with a homogenous culture, Atlanta is home to a culturally diverse and well educated business people. Specifically, the internet marketing professionals in Atlanta have developed their skills in a very competitive area. The established SEO and online marketing companies in Atlanta have well trained personnel and utilize industry best practices. A key distinction for Atlanta internet marketing services is that even the best companies have prices that are much better than counterparts in other major cities.

Personal Service

Despite the influx of people from outside the South, Atlanta businesses have largely been able to retain traditional Southern charm and hospitality. In business this translates to friendly personal service with a sincere concern for the client organization. Atlanta internet marketing companies generally treat their customers with courtesy and respect, thus enriching the client-agency experience.

Professional Development

The better service providers in Atlanta are active in professional development efforts. This includes attending industry conferences throughout the United States, participating in local industry associations, sharing knowledge in online groups and maintaining relationships with industry leaders.

Avoid the Dark Side Freelancers

As with any service in high demand the idea of making easy money draws in shady and dubious characters. The freelancers typically dabble in web design, SEO and internet marketing for extra income. They often have illegal copies of software, don't use paid services needed for professional work, don't have an office or staff, and probably are unlicensed. Some freelancers try to associate themselves with other companies or otherwise misrepresent themselves as being a legitimate company.

Many business owners fall prey to choosing a provider based on a cheap price without taking the time to carefully evaluate the provider. The fact is, people do lie! Freelancers often make bogus claims about capabilities, accomplishments and credentials. The results are typically a nightmare - work is not completed, transfer of assets and login information to the business is not done, and communications are horrible. And after early 2012, bad SEO and internet marketing practices can bring ranking damage and other penalties from search engines. Thus, it is important to avoid freelancers, which are the dark side of internet marketing in Atlanta.

Getting The Best Services In 2013

As we move into 2013 there are a number of great opportunities to get the best internet marketing services that you have ever known. To avoid search engine penalties and move your company forward in 2013 you should make certain that you have entrusted your business to internet marketing professionals. By taking the extra time to qualify a potential service provider, and by making a better investment in the types of services your company can achieve great success. Google Panda and Penguin updates shuffled the organic rankings and now is a perfect time to capture top placements. It all starts with hiring one of the best internet marketing companies in Atlanta.

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