Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Atlanta Website Design

Atlanta Website Design Companies

Published on by: James H. Hobson

Website design is perceived by many business owners to be something as trite as office supplies. In failing to recognize that an effective website design is produced by a serious minded team of internet marketing professionals a business owner settles upon the cheapest price when selecting a web designer. Let’s face it, “good work ain’t cheap, and cheap work ain’t good”.

When you think about investing in a website, you’re actually investing in your business. Having a website is one thing, having a website people use is yet another. A common mistake made by business owners is hiring a freelance person (who is usually interested in only a little side money) to do their website. The freelancer very rarely has real world business experience, an understanding of website usability, or any real desire to do anything beyond “build it and get paid”.

A true internet marketing firm will create a website that engages users, and is designed to make things happen. Before the first bit of coding begins it is important to understand the client’s needs and objectives, their customers, and then design and develop a website that works well with this framework . . . and then make sure it is a search engine friendly and well optimized website. Freelancers simply can’t provide an appropriate level of technical and business expertise.

The Plain and Simple Truth

With a $20.00 dollar book, a cheap template, and a weekend or two, most anyone can “build a website”. You can equate this to any crash course on how to do anything – even if you have done it quite a few times you still are not a professional. And regarding outsourcing, can people from a country with no running water really build you a website that well represents your company in the USA?

If you want to simply “check off that you have a website” go ahead and hire someone from Craigslist. If you want to get more customers, and make more sales, you need to hire a REAL web design and development company. Hiring a company with vast experience, a dedicated team of professionals, and a proven track record of success is your best assurance of enjoying online success for your business.

Finding A Good Web Design Company

No matter where you live you can easily access a very skilled and competent web design company. It certainly makes sense to find one as close as possible to where your business is located. Searching for a nearby major city is a good way to find a better selection of web design companies. For instance, a company in Chattanooga may want to look one hour south and hire a company that advertises for web design atlanta but works with clients in a wider area. The most important thing is to find a reliable and professional web design company. A good website design can explain their process which normally starts with Discovery and a wire frame design which progresses to a design (aesthetic) mock-up and moving on to coding of the actual pages. Any web designer that simply seeks to buy a template and add your pictures and your text is not doing a very good job.

Further considerations for choosing your website design company should include thinking about post-launch services to promote your website. If your “web designer” does not have the ability to provide timely website revisions, SEO services, PPC management, social media marketing, and similar services you can expect frustration from a lack of success. Finding a full service internet marketing or inbound marketing company is your best option to move your company forward online.

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