Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brandify - Social Media Made Easy

Brandify - A Best Social Media Tool

Published on by: James H. Hobson

Microsoft has stepped up to deliver Brandify which is a free and handy social media management tool. Brandify allows a business to obtain a social media health check that shows key successes and key areas for improvement. Brandify is now in the beta stage but is already proving to be quite a useful tool in the social media marketer's toolbox.

The Brandify Story

BizSpark member Brandify launched a free brand reputation management tool earlier this year. The tool was designed to enable a business track, analyze and improve their online brand reputation. In observing the great value of this tool the people at Brandify then envisioned an opportunity to develop a similar tool to help the average business measure and develop their social media presence. Subsequently, Brandify was born and is now available to any business and requires only a quick sign-up at the Brandify sign-up page. Because Brandify was built specifically for small to mid-sized businesses (SMB's), and that it is free, makes it a no-brainer for every business.

Why Is Brandify Special?

Certainly there are a lot of social media management options, and the better ones are paid services. Many of the top social media management tools can be a bit intimidating to the avaerage business owner, and hiring a social media management company may be cost prohibitive. Brandify is the answer for the small business owner.

Brandify has a very user friendly user interface and dashboard. The service is in the beta stage and improvements are being made on a continuing basis. Even in beta form, Brandify brings real value and practical, useful information. A particular aspect that we find very appealing is that your initial benchmark analysis requires just a few minutes. The benchmarking analysis shows actual results and provides suggestions on areas for improvements. A simple interactive search function allows you to easily add account profiles that may have been missed in the benchmarking review. As you improve your social media footprint, a visual score and graphic display provide real-time updates to the strength of your social media presence.

Brandify For Agencies

Brandify, as a third party solution, can be a great tool for an internet marketing company or inbound marketing agency. Whether it's an in-person client meeting or a phone call to a prospective client, the agency has the ability to quickly show a business what needs to be done to help their business. Brandify can be used to start a dialouge that can result in the important improvements for a client organization, and allow the agency to increase revenue from social media services.

Why You Need Brandify

Social Media is an important part of SEO
Make no mistake, social media signals are a key element of current search engine algorithms. What was once a seemingly pointless task (tweets, posts and comments) are now a necessity for an y business that wants better SEO results.

Our suggestion is to take 20 minutes to join Brandify and run a quick benchmark snapshot. Then take actions on your own to improve what you can handle, and hire an internet marketing company to handle other social media tasks. You can easily self-manage new tweets and comment posts but the agency can assure that the pieces are unified in a manner that delivers maximum results from everyone's social media work. Try Brandify, it's easy and very useful!

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