Saturday, March 31, 2012 Smashed By Google De-Indexing

Effects of Google Panda Update

By James Hobson
The ever-present slugfest between Google and service providers that offer "white-hat SEO link building" to improve organic rankings recorded a solid hit on one of the "better" link builders,

On March 19, Google deindexed a large majority, almost all of, a blog wheel network which served as the backbone of the link building services offered by The effect was so pronounced that has opted to cease operations, and amend customer billings. Obviously the net effect includes ranking hits on a multitude of websites that had subscribed to their link building services.

You have to wonder how many customers of will now see their rankings fall, lead generation decline, and ultimately lose sales and layoff workers. You also have to wonder how many hard working people in overseas shops are now looking for work because BuildMyRank is no more. Regardless, the punch has been delivered and the ranking shuffle is underway.

There are rumors that other link building networks may have been tagged. If your website has been affected by this event you will definitely see significant across the board ranking drops, and may (if you use it) find a message in your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard that mentions "unnatural links detected".

There is no doubt that countless companies have outsourced their SEO work, and given very little thought to the process being used, and simply enjoyed the ranking ride. I personally think that Google understands this and will not have any particular dislike for businesses at large. If you're curious as to why all of this matters so much to Google, you may be interested in reading an informative post at Hospitalera's Blog.

If your site has been affected, our recommendation is to brush it off and march forward. It would be a good idea to ask more questions to the next SEO company you hire so you don't waste your internet marketing budget or get ambushed down the road.

We are very curious to see which of these types of services will be hit next, and how it all will play out. If you, or your SEO service provider, is on top of their game this will create some superb opportunities to move up. It is quite obvious that any SEO strategy needs to focus on user value, be based on a wide array of SEO tactics, and be flexible enough to react quickly to market changes. Let's call this, the "Google Spring".

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