Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mobile Media, Mobile Marketing and Mobile Websites

Mobile Search Advertising and Marketing

By James Hobson
Industry analysts are predicting a surge in mobile search marketing. Obviously this will be more prevalent in major markets however the growth of mobile marketing will expand into even remote and isolated geographical areas. Now is the time to begin planning (hopefully acting on) your mobile search strategy and tactics. Here are a few recommendations for consideration:

Act sooner rather than later to get the drop on your competition. If you don't want to handle it yourself, allocate funds to hire a mobile marketing company.

Mobile marketing is an incredible opportunity to put your business in front of potential customers when they are searching and ready to buy. Some of your options are mobile coupons, utilization of QR codes or SMS, and develop content that allows for fast location of key contact information for your business.

Mobile Apps can be developed for your business. A custom App will allow you to increase brand recognition and control your messaging to customers. If you have a business with repeat customers you are a top candidate for a Mobile App. Take advantage of the "retweet" approach wherein you utilize recently released content to feed your mobile campaign.

Mobile Devices are not all alike. You will need to become familiar with what works on different smart phones and mobile devices. Obviously you want to target iPhones, Androids and other top selling devices. Understand how your target audience uses mobile and market accordingly.

Mobile usage research is critical in order to acieve optimal, or even acceptable, results. Before embarking on a mobile marketing campaign, make certain that you have a decent understanding of best practices and how your customers use their mobile devices.

In summary, learn about mobile marketing, develop a plan, engage professionals to consult on, or execute, your mobile marketing plan. Then measure and adjust to leverage this growth channel for engaging more customers.

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