Privacy Policy

Internet Privacy Policy

We recognize and respect blog visitors expectations of reasonable privacy when visiting or otherwise using our blog. Generally, we will not share, disclose or sell any non-public or confidential information to any persons or organizations, however we reserve the right to share information under certain circumstances including but not limited to sharing info with:

  • 1) Persons or entities involved in the fulfillment of a client's project.
  • 2) Law enforcement or court requests (warrants, subpoenas, etc.)
  • 3) Third parties investigating identity theft, credit card fraud, or other crimes or suspicious online behaviors.
  • 4) Collection agencies, private investigators, or any agents working for our company.

We will not share or sell any information which might be obtained through visits to, or use of, our blog, with specific regard to any use which may be unethical or illegal. Our blog is owned and managed by a private company, and is not part of a corporate blog network or commercial advertising network.

We may use certain information provided by site users on our blog or elsewhere including but not limited to testimonials, press releases, advertising or other promotional displays. Any display of, or reference to, a user of our blog will be done in a professional, business-like manner. We will not use any information that would generally be considered as confidential, proprietary, or of a private nature.

We are responsible for the content on only our blog. Our blog may provide links to external web pages that are owned and managed by parties not affiliated with our company. We are not responsible for any content on said websites or blogs, or activity conducted on or from the visitation of these websites. Visitors to any website made available from our blog should read any available privacy policy when visiting said sites or blogs.

We may use information provided for uses not previously addressed in our internet privacy policy statement. While we do make reasonable efforts to maintain our internet privacy policy in a timely manner, any changes to our internet privacy policy may not be immediately posted on our blog. We do not issue formal or informal notices of any changes directly to any past or present users of our blog.

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